How to Play Ludo King with Friends Online or Offline

Ludo King is one of the most downloaded games on Google Play which is the digital version of a classic board game Ludo!

How to Play Ludo King with Friends Online or Offline

Playing Ludo King with or without friends is so addictive. It is a well-known game which has broken all records and has become a popular game among all the age groups people. You can play ludo king with friends online or offline in this lockdown scenario as we practice social distancing.

Key features of Ludo King

  1. It's a strategic game that is good for mental health and to pass time.
  2. Audio and Video calling feature is available for team members of Ludo King.
  3. You can earn prizes by participating in contests.

Ludo King is available for all operating systems platforms. This game is also very addictive and reports have shown a large amount of 'game playtime' on it. The graphics are not that good and sometimes the dice really feel rigged but people spend hours playing ludo king with friends.

How to play ludo king online with friends

First, you and your friends first need to make sure that everyone installed it on their phones. Ludo King is available on Play Store and iOS App store.

  1. Once the game is installed, open it and log in as a guest. You can choose to link your Facebook account, but you don't need to play with friends. After selecting a guest, proceed to complete the setup.
  2. After setup is complete, you will see the game's main menu. By default, you can start wrestling with your friends or you can tap on the icon with settings and even play snake and ladder. For now, let's focus on Ludo King.
  3. To start playing games with friends who aren't close to you, start by tapping Play with friends.
  4. On the next screen, first, select your color. Below that, you'll see two options - Create and Join. Creation allows you to create a room and create a code that allows your friends to join the room. If you want to join a friend's room instead, after entering the private code, tap to join the room and you will join the game.
  5. Once you have created a room, set an entry-amount (at least 100 coins). You will now receive a code that you would like to share with your friends so that they can join it. You can send this code via WhatsApp, SMS, Email, or any other app of your choice.
  6. After all, members have joined, tap Play to start the game.
  7. To get started, tap the dice to play your turn. The game also allows you to chat with your friends. To do so, tap on the chat bubble on your avatar's head, type your message, and press send. You can also send each other fun emojis by tapping on the gift icon above your friend's avatar. Each emoji you send costs you 10 game coins, which is quite annoying but it also prevents emoji spamming.

How to play ludo king with friends offline

  1. Ludo King gives us the option to play offline with your friends or family at home with the Play N Pass option.
  2. On the Ludo King Home screen, tap the Play N Pass button.
  3. Select your preferences and the number of players who want to play.
  4. Click Next and tap on Player Names and select Play.
  5. Roll the dice and you're ready to play.

How to play ludo king with WhatsApp friends

First of all, to play Ludo King online, you need to install the Bluestack application. Then open it and find WhatsApp and Ludo King in the search bar and install it as we do in our Android Play Store. Then go to our WhatsApp and open this link in our Ludo King app which we have just installed in your Blue Stack app.

How to Join Room in Ludo King game and play with friends

  1. Open the Ludo King App.
  2. Click on play with a friend.
  3. Then click on join room.
  4. Insert your room ID then click join now.
  5. You joined the room, Enjoy!

Ludo King has the most fan following than PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty. 

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